Chemrotech is a leader in the Power Industry and is setting the standard for innovative technologies that offer efficient power solutions for its customers.

Chemrotech designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and services the broadest range of electrical systems for power generation in the mining and industrial markets.

We can supply these products as single components or as a complete turnkey project. These are designed and optimized to deliver maximum value for the customer. Chemrotech have developed comprehensive experience in the engineering and construction of new installations as well as retrofitting, servicing and modernizing existing installations.

We always ensures speedy comeback with the correct level of service quality.

Our willingness to undertake solid commitments, demonstrates its dedication to the customer throughout the lifetime of their asset.

This close customer relationship is the heart of Chemrotech Partnership Policy. Regardless of project characteristics and constraints, entering into a partnership with us can help customer’s better deal with their specific plant service needs.

We have the “On-the-ground-know-how” backed by the best local and international expertise in business to make it happen.

The experienced team of Chemrotech.
The team at Chemrotech has more than 15 years experience in the industrial sector.
One of Chemrotech's Founding Partners
Two energetic partners in gauteng region started chemrotech in 2001. Kallie Fourie and Johnny de Bruin.

Chemrotech is in the business of High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Industrial electrification engineering.

Transformer Servicing, Repairs as well as Purification online or offline.  Clients include the Mining Industry, Airports, Universities, Shopping Centers, Hotels and Hospitals.

We supply, install and commission all types of switchgear, OCB’s, VCB’S and SF6 gas breakers.

We manufacture underground and service Miniature Substations as well as any Distribution panels and boxes including all types of Underground Gully boxes.

We also design, upgrade and repair Power Generation Plants according to the customer’s specifications and standards.

We manage each project personally in terms of quality, time and price, utilizing our internationally proven experts to transfer their skills to local talent. Incorporate innovative solutions to every single one of our projects.


Chemrotech’s mission is simple. To be a driving force in accelerating Southern Africa’s potential through excellence in all aspects of electrical Construction & Services. Our aim is to balance the power in your life.